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The Closer&Closer Recipe Book

As creatives, you'll often find that we see beauty in all artistic mediums. Painters will also be passionate about music. Musicians will appreciate photography. Or, in this case, even illustrators will be able to chef it up in the kitchen. As creatives, something amazing happens when artists combine multiple artistic passions into one. 

We've put together this special project for those in our community who love illustration AND food!

The C&C recipe book is illustrated and curated by 13 of our artists from around the world. From Berlin to Michigan, each recipe is near and dear to the artist's heart. On every page, you'll get a little peek into the soul of our artists through recipes that bring them comfort and joy, and also familiarize yourself with the cultures that influence their unique style.

You can download a PDF or EPUB (ebook) version of The Closer&Closer Recipe Book here. Also, if we've inspire an idea for a project, shoot us an email to inquire about an artists at

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