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Jungmin Ryu's 5 Favorite Character Designs

    Jungmin Ryu is a 3D illustrator and animator living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her specialty? Incredibly cute and expressive characters that come to life within her compositions. 
   We sat down with Jungmin and asked her about her five favorite characters in her extensive portfolio of people, animals, and more. Read on to see her incredibly crafted critters and learn more about what makes each one so special!

    This first illustration is near and dear to Jungmin’s heart, because it’s a portrait of her and her family, including her new baby! You can practically feel the love and adoration pouring out of the illustration, and how cute is baby Alex’s face and little tuft of hair!?!

   Now this illustration is a fun one, like a much cooler Justice League or Suicide Squad. This project really shows the wide range of character designs Jungmin can put together. Whether the client wants a masked schoolgirl, a cool, edgy Medusa, a half-human-half-robot cyborg, or a sinister cloud-man, Min’s got you covered. Which is your favorite?

   This illustration is a perfect example of the signature cuteness that appears in most of Jungmin’s pieces. She’s able to show so much personality and expression in just a still image of the character, and then she brings extra intrigue to the piece through expert shading and incredible texture, like with the grass in this piece!

   The way Jungmin is able to take simple shapes and fill them with life through their expressions and gestures is so impressive. This piece features another Jungmin-signature, a.k.a. the amazing textures on the characters clothing, shoes, and accessories. Don’t you just feel like you can reach into the image and grab them!?!

    And last but not least, we’ve got this piece from the athletic apparel marketing campaign many of our artists worked on last month. This illustration would be a perfect billboard, social media advertisement, or magazine spread for any athletic apparel brand looking to showcase their clothing in a fun and creative way! 

   There you have it, Jungmin Ryu’s five favorite character designs from her portfolio. Head over to her portfolio by clicking this link to check out even more of her cute characters, or click the button below to hire Jungmin to create some just for you!

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