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Jiaqi's Guide To Choosing & Creating Amazing Projects!

Jiaqi Wang, a supernova on the Closer&Closer roster, has seen incredible success over the past four years. She's landed projects with companies like Nike, Google, The Washington Post, Apple, and has had some of her most well-known projects with DoorDash! During her time with C&C, she's been able to make significant life changes, like moving to New York City - all through her incredible illustrations. Recently, when speaking with Jiaqi, she shared 3 simple questions for choosing and crushing her projects every time!

1) Can I take the project?
Being someone who likes to stay busy, her selection process is pretty simple - starting with whether or not she can take on the project. Does she need a vacation? Does she have deliveries stacked for the next few weeks? Jiaqi has learned that if a project leaves her with little time for herself, it's not worth taking on.

2) Is this something I've created before?
When most people would think of budget or timeline next - Jiaqi's interests lie with the work itself. Has she created in this way before? If not, then the project is a go! Whether it's an interesting subject she's never drawn, a cool concept she has to translate into the medium, or a new client she loves, she wants to find something unique in every project.

3) How do I bring a fresh perspective to this project?
Jiaqi does just that, change the perspective. Playing with different angles, poses, and face shapes. She's keen on using everyday people as her inspiration, like her neighbors or cool friend groups she sees in the streets of NYC! With every project, Jiaqi shifts the perspective of her characters to bring a new element to each project.

Since joining the roster in 2019, this method has lead Jiaqi to extraordinary success. It's in the Closer&Closer mission to help artists create a life where they can buy houses and have children. As her representation agency, it brings us great joy to play a small part in helping Jiaqi achieve such things.

Give Jiaqi's simple method for choosing and crushing projects a try the next time an inquiry comes in. If you'd like to see more of her work, check it out below.

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