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Illustrating A Murderer!

As an artist, sometimes a project will pop up in your inbox that makes you go "hmm."

Jill Senft had one of these moments when she was sent an inquiry to illustrate the new book by Kim Young-Ha, "Diary of a Murderer".

“I was super thrilled as illustrating a book was on my bucket list for a long time.“

As you can imagine, anyone asked to do this project would be super curious about what the pages of the book entail. Luckily for Jill, she was able to get a peek at the story this juicy novel tells.

“I read it before and could choose by myself which parts would be highlighted by my illusztrations.”

After getting a glimpse into the story, Jill's creative mind started to run wild with the beautiful imagery you see today.

“I’m a huge crime book fan, so this was probably a win win situation, doing illustration for a book which is so exciting to read.”

This is just a taste of what Jill can do. Be sure to check out more of her work here!

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