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Get Virture’s Epic Collab with C&C!

This past holiday season, we partnered with the new VR glasses brand Get Viture, and it was pretty epic!  

They asked 10 of our artists to create illustrations for their 12 days of Viture, a campaign to launch their new VR gaming glasses!

Get Viture's 12 days of Viture started with a giveaway of their highly anticipated VR gaming glasses. The brilliant designs of Alejandro Parrilla accompanied this kick-off to make it as kick-ass as possible!

Next up, the team released illustrations from Anna Rupprecht, Anna Pers Bräcke, Aysha Tengiz, Enisaurus, Estudio Santa Rita, Evan Weselmann, Gustaf Hjalmars, Helen Li & Jarom Vogel to keep the hype going all holiday season!

A huge thanks to the team at Radcat design for partnering us with Get Viture and facilitating this project. If you're interested in a totally epic campaign for your company, reach out to!
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