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Finding Your Creative Voice from the World Around You

How illustrators can be inspired by everyday life to develop their voice as a creative.

There are countless ways for illustrators to be inspired by everyday life. Some illustrators may be inspired by the people around them, by the things they see, or what they experience. Others may be inspired by the beauty of nature, the power of words, or the magic of stories. Whatever inspires them, illustrators are sure to find inspiration in the everyday world around them.

Recently we chatted with Bárbara Malagoli, an illustrator on the C&C roster. She shared some helpful tips that inspired her creative voice.

Ask yourself, what do I really want to say?
"When I'm [working], I always ask myself, 'what do I really want to say? What do I really care about?' So I think it's just like an evolving thing you have to keep doing, exploring yourself in life, traveling, and meeting people. That's how you discover your voice."

Discovering who you are holistically.
"When you discover yourself and your personality, not just like your style. [Finding your voice] is more about who you are. Not as an illustrator, but who you are. What do you like? It can be silly. You know, it doesn't have to be deep because voices have layers."

Explore the simple things you enjoy.
"Some people like flowers. You can paint flowers in a fun way, an explosive way, in a sad way. So it is about all these layers of your personality, what you want to say, and how you want to say it."

Commit to yourself.
"I think it's like a never-ending commitment to yourself. You're always gonna be evolving as a person. And you just have to keep creating and keep discovering yourself. And I guess this is most important."

shares this and more in her recent episode on The Closer&Closer Podcast. Check out the full episode with the button below.

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