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Enisaurus’s Magical Moving Masterpieces!

    Enisaurus has been honing his skills in animation for about 2 years now, and every piece is better than the last. He’s managed to take the same fun-filled, eye-catching compositions he creates in his illustration work and apply them to the world of motion.

    Eni has 3 new creations to share with the world, and he’s given us a little insight into the inspiration behind each. Read on to unlock the magical mysteries behind Eni’s magical moving masterpieces! (Too much alliteration? We think not 😉) 


   In this animation, Eni takes us on an icy adventure on the trails of Mount Everest, without ever having to leave our couch! Join his adorable hikers, backpackers, and bison as they journey to the summit and try to avoid some rather ominous looking skele-people.

    About this piece, Eni says “I've been a bit obsessed with mount Everest for the last few months, been reading "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer among other National Geographic articles, videos, etc. The mountain is a scary and beautiful giant who brings a sense of life and death. I hope to see it face-to-face sometime in the future, probably just from the first base camp, though, I'm not that crazy.

    I'm very attracted, more than ever, to anything related to the mountains, nature, and other cultures' imaginary, especially from Asia.“ 

Silly Dance

    This next animation is definitely less nerve-wracking than the last, but it still features Enisaurus’s signature fun-loving characters. I mean, just look at them boogie the day away! Enisaurus says this illustration should leave you with “no more excuses for not dancing. No practice or experience needed, just move your body (and soul)!“


   And to round us out, Enisaurus takes us into another magical and mystical land, the land of pharaohs, sarcophaguses, and beetles! (oh my!) This animation features all of ancient Egypt’s best, including the half-man half-crocodile God, Sobek! As Enisaurus puts it, this illustration will make you “Beg for the mercy of Sobek! The Egyptian god from the Nile that's never satisfied enough with your offerings and prayers. He will protect you, but are you willing to pay the cost?“ Very spooky!

For more of Enisaurus’s fantastical creations, head on over to his C&C portfolio, and to work with the magician of movement himself, submit an inquiry here

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