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Celebrate AlienCon with Raul Urias

   Raul Urias is delivering his signature colorful, Mexican-inspired style to AlienCon 2023. He worked with CakeWorks and The History Channel to create “AlienCon® 2023: THE ARRIVAL“, a piece that beams viewers up and takes them into a world full of out-of-this-world mystery, excitement, and more.

   The History Channel’s AlienCon is “an exploration into the unexplained mysteries that exist between science fact and science fiction.” This year, it’ll take place March 4th through 5th in Pasadena, California, inviting fans of Ancient Aliens and everything inexplicable and extraterrestrial.

   Along with being the poster for the event, this piece is also being sold as an NFT on The History Channel’s NFT Marketplace (that comes with a free tshirt!). The digital collectible draws symbolic inspiration from ancient cultures, such as Egyptians and pre-Hispanics, utilizing a composition based on triangles that feels both mystical and enigmatic. It depicts an alien form shared in our collective minds, and the grays in-between. This is the perfect opportunity for one lucky alien-lover to not only own a piece of extraterrestrial pop-culture, but to own a beautiful work by Raul Urias as well. Talk about a double whammy! 

   Raul found inspiration for this piece in his childhood, and his father’s love of aliens. He was able to expertly marry the inspirations of his heritage and upbringing with Ancient Aliens’s brand to create something mind-blowing and mesmerizing. 

    If you’re needing this NFT in your life, head over to The History Channel’s NFT Marketplace to purchase by clicking here. If you’re interested in working with Raul on an upcoming project, you can send in an inquiry here. And if you’d like to see more of his work, check out his portfolio here

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