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We know, holiday shopping can be tough, and in a year where we all had about a million and one things to worry about, your Christmahanukwanzakah gifts may have fallen to the wayside. Cue Closer&Closer’s Gift Guide, your one stop shop for everyone on your shopping list, full of unique and eye-catching gifts by your friends here at Closer&Closer. 

Gifts for Your Homebody Friend

(So, basically everyone this year)

Ordinary Habit Puzzles
2020 was a tough year for everyone and everything except puzzles. For your friend that has fully embraced stay-at-home-life, these puzzles (illustrated by Josefina Schargorodsky, Ana Jaks, and Lindsey Made This) will make the perfect gift. ($20 each)

Gifts for Your Party People

The United States of Cocktails
For your friends that love playing bartender at every party, give the gift of 50 cocktail recipes, tales, and traditions, illustrated by Mike Burdick! ($24.99)

Gracias a Dios Agave Gin
You can never go wrong with gifting a bottle of something special, and this agave gin with packaging design by Abraham Lule absolutely screams “something special.” (Prices Vary)

Gifts for the Ladies

Smile Back Patch
Help your girls customize their plain old denim jacket with this incredibly beautiful, handmade chainstitch patch by Monique Aimee. ($75)
Anthropologie x Super Nice Letters
These Anthropologie pieces (designed in collaboration with our very own Carmi Grau!) are the ideal gift for any lady looking for an excuse to get dressed up again. (Prices Vary)

Insomnia Bandana
This bandana by Bene Rohlmann is the perfect accessory for any outfit, and it doubles as the perfect emergency mask for when you forget yours before heading out (hey, it happens to the best of us). ($30) 

Gifts for the Men

Whatever the men in your life like, you can find the coolest version of that on Travis Pietsch’s shop BadUtility. From skate decks to koozies, from shop rags to mugs, you’re bound to find something they’ll love. (Prices Vary)

No Joke Brand
And if the guys in your life are on the edgier side, Alejandro Parrilla’s No Joke Brand has got you covered. Any gift on here will pair great with his Dickies and Vans. 

Gifts for Creatives

Pop’s Toolbox Procreate Brushes
Sean Tulgetske created 22 brushes and 6 textures, modeled after the look and feel of mid-century printed ephemera, for your creative convenience. ($24)  

   Who couldn’t use a new font to add to their arsenal? Jonathan Ball and Dave Coleman bring a personalized flair to any project with their awesome fonts. They’ve got about 10 to pick from so you can fit any friend’s vibe. (Prices Vary)

Skillshare Classes
The über-talented Jarom Vogel has 3 Skillshare classes to choose from, where you can learn how to create digital illustrations in Procreate 4, animate your illustrations in Procreate 5, or create and code your very own interactive paralax illustration. ($19/month)

Gifts for the New Parents

Little Zodiac Books
For the new parents that also enjoy checking their Co-Star religiously, these books are the perfect gift. Introduce their baby to the wonderful world of astrology with Chronicle Book’s “Little Zodiac Books”, illustrated by Anna Hurley. ($7.99 each)
Duluth Trading Co.’s “Who Really Makes Christmas So Very Merry?”
This book is a great gift for your friends who aren’t into that witchy stuff, but are still just as excited to celebrate baby’s first Christmas. Plus, this one is also illustrated by Anna Hurley, so they won’t be missing out on her magical creations either way. ($9.95)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Holiday Coffee, Tea, and Accessories
And because we’ve never met a new parent that didn’t need a little pick me up in the mornings after all those sleepless nights, we’re including these festive products from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, with illustrations by Carmi Grau. (Prices Vary)

Gifts for Loungewear Lovers

      If there’s something everyone needs nowadays, it’s more loungewear. Two of our artists, Bene Rohlmann and Joshua Noom, teamed up with Monstercat to create these insane pieces that are bound to be anyone’s next favorite sweatsuit. (Prices Vary)

Gifts Under $10

Pins by Calvin Sprague
We all know that a pin is the best way to spruce up any outfit, and these pins by Calvin Sprague really bring the cool factor. And if the person your shopping for is a little more girly... ($10 each)

Pins by Lindsey Made This
...Lindsey Made This has the cutest, girliest pins in the game. ($5 each)

Drawstring Backpack
If you have a friend that’s always asking you to hold their keys (guilty as charged), this drawstring backpack by Helen Li is just the thing they need. ($10)

Gifts for the Wannabe Interior Designers

Last but not least, we have a ton of different prints for everyone that’s been loving redecorating in 2020. After all, who isn’t needing a little change of scenery nowadays? 

And that, my friends, is a wrap on the C&C Gift Guide for 2020! Thank you for following along on our artists’ journeys and for your continued support. To stay up to date on more fun Closer&Closer happenings, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.
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