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Aysha Tengiz & Lush Get Us Ready for Spring!

    Aysha Tengiz is an artist on our roster who’s all about colorful illustrations, expressive, funky characters, and crazy world-building you could get lost in. Lush approached her to create an illustration for their Bunnies Picnic gift set, and they couldn’t have picked a more perfect illustrator to go along with their quirky and vibrant brand!

    A lot of artists dream of working with a client as big and fun-loving as Lush, so we wanted to sit down with Aysha and see what this project meant to her, get some of the behind-the-scenes, and more, including the sketch of an original concept below. Although the final product ended up very different from the original sketch, Aysha says that “working on drafts that don’t eventually get used is never a waste of time! These ideas and drawings help me progress my illustrations and will end up making their way into something else.“ What a great perspective! 

    About the project, Aysha says “It was really exciting to design artwork for a 3 dimensional product. The inspiration for this piece came from a combination of the natural world, colour and my focus on characters. I wanted to create something playful and bright, which reflects the feeling of spring and the hope of summer.” 

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