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About Representation

We believe that thriving careers are never built alone. In so many careers, great management and coaching are crucial to success (sports, performance, etc). Why would it be any different in art? Our mission is to help artists reach their full potential. Our services are tailored to provide the support you need to do your best work. Day in and day out. With clients you love. And none of the paperwork (thank god!).

If you’re interested in applying you can submit you’re application here

Benefits of Representation

Exposure to Clients
You might have a great portfolio, but how do you know if the right people are seeing your work? We want to open doors for you - big ones - by giving you exposure to the clients you’ve always dreamed of working with. We promote our artists through our marketing channels that reach more than 40,000 people per month. We’ll also share your work with our contacts at some of your favorite agencies and biggest brands.
Freedom from Paperwork
Our artists experience a greater level of freedom knowing that they don’t have to do it all. We want to give you the freedom to focus on doing your best work by handling your inquiries, pricing, paperwork, invoices, payments, and project management. In the end we want to increase your capacity to do better work while maintaining better work/life balance.
We rise to the level of the people we surround ourselves with. Get the support you need to reach your creative potential. As a represented artist you’ll get access to our roster of 40 of the top artists from around the world. On top of that we’ll meet with you regularly to set goals, give feedback and guide you through your career. In the words of one of our artists, it’s like rocket fuel for your creativity.

Features of Representation

Get your work in front of your dream clients. We reach more than 40,000 people monthly through our social channels, email newsletter, website and mailings.

Don’t go it alone. Get access to a network of top-tier artists through monthly meetups, a community slack channel, and more.
Administration Support
Give yourself more time to do what you love. We handle your inquiries, paperwork, invoices, and payment collection.

We'll meet with you regularly to set goals for your career, clarify your creative voice, develop your portfolio and talk through challenges that come with being freelance.
We’ll help you get the most out of every project by negotiating pricing and licensing for you.

Project Management
Never lose track of a project again. Our dedicated production team will manage each of your projects from start to finish to make sure projects run on time and in budget.

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