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About Us

Closer&Closer is an Artist Representation Agency based out of Los Angeles, California. We find remarkable artists from around the world and connect them with world-class clients to do what they do best—create unforgettable visual experiences through illustration, animation, and design. We have curated a roster of top artists who have a distinct voice and style. On top of being exceptional at their craft, we also look for artists who are a joy to work with. We believe it’s not just about the work. It’s about the way the work gets done. This is why our production team works with you from inquiry to final deliverable. Whether it’s an illustration, a gif, or a full-blown animation production we are here to help you bring your ideas to life.

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Our Clients


Leo Burnett
Giant Spoon
Sterling Brands
Fake Love
T Brand Studio
Campbell Ewald


Live Nation


Penguin Random House
Variety Magazine
AARP Magazine
Condé Nast
GQ Magazine
Lagom Magazine
The Hollywood Reporter
WW Norton
Washington Post
Women's Health
The New York Times
The New Yorker

Who We Are

We are a growing culture of innovative individuals with a common goal of providing world-class service to every artist on our roster and to every client who works with us. With a foundation built on trust, transparency, integrity, and personal development, at Closer&Closer, we seek to strengthen not only each other, but everyone we come in contact with. We want to create a world of expanding opportunities where people come together to accomplish remarkable things.

Meet the fine folks who make this vision a reality:


Drew Melton

Founder, Agent + Producer
As Founder and Managing Director, Drew Melton is responsible for overseeing the vision, strategy, and culture behind Closer&Closer. He began his career as a freelance illustrator and hand-letterer working with clients of every kind from all over the world. Unrepresented and overworked, he eventually burned out. In the ashes of that dream kindled a new fire, one which burned even brighter. Drew realized his true passion lay in building relationships, in helping others achieve their goals. They say, ‘start where you are’, so Drew started with what he knew- he knew how to communicate and build trust with clients, and he knew how to see potential and draw out the best in people. In 2017 Closer&Closer was born, an artists representation agency, offering support, coaching and care to illustrators and animators across the globe. Drew says his real life super power is, “making the invisible visible,” and Closer&Closer is the manifestation of that truth.

Artist Marketing + Partnerships

Andrea Mejia-Madriz

Coordinator, Artist Marketing + Partnerships
Help others, build connections. This is the unspoken motto of Andrea Mejia-Madriz, resident marketing and social media mastermind here at Closer&Closer. Her diverse background and skill set makes her uniquely qualified to help support our artists with their marketing and growth goals. At the end of the day, Andrea guides the artists, using the modality of marketing, to help advance their careers and bring more fulfillment to their work. Born in Costa Rica and Raised in Maryland, Andrea is fluent in both Spanish and English, which makes her a massive asset to our Spanish artists… also, needless to say, we will all be joining her for her next family reunion in CR.

Kelsey Zahn Melton

Creative Coordinator + Wellness Advocate
Kelsey believes that “words create worlds,'' which is a good thing since she is partially responsible for the shaping of our words here at Closer&Closer. She brings balance and creativity into our copy and marketing materials through creative direction and ideation. In addition to the words and imagery that shapes us, Kelsey is a meditation teacher and wellness advocate, supporting our inner worlds through meditation and weekly reflection questions.
Representation + Artist Management

Olivia Ratzsch

Agent + Producer
Olivia Ratzsch is an LA born, Haitian-German with gumption. She is a self described ‘life raft’ of an agent and producer who keeps our illustrators, and animators afloat by helping them stay en route toward their goals. On the day to day, this looks like spearheading projects and supporting our artists to ensure everything runs smoothly from conception to completion. Above all, she believes in building relationships, “championing the artists, providing them tools to help them make extremely cool artwork,” because, “if art can change one person’s day, it can change the world.” The other ‘day to day’ fact we find most interesting about Olivia is that she has a smoothie for lunch…

Administration + Finance

Jess Perritano

Studio Manager + Contracts Administrator
Jessica Perritano leads the studio team here at Closer&Closer and is responsible for organizing and keeping track of people and paperwork through human resources, administration, operations, budget oversight, and contract management. She does her job so our artists can do theirs without having to stress over paperwork and payment timelines. Jessica is a lover of classical music, paper crafts, and is our resident Star Wars expert… we aren’t kidding! She knows everything about every movie (and series, and subseries) ever - ask her about her Rebel Alliance tattoo sometime.

Cindy Bell

Financial Controller
Cindy Bell is our artists favorite person here at Closer&Closer… because she makes sure they get paid on time! She works hard to submit invoices properly (which is a real skill) so there isn’t any lag or hiccups in the payment schedule. She loves numbers, making her own candles, and is all around a genuinely lovely person. Fun facts about Cindy- She can milk a cow, drive a tractor, change a tire, teach a spin class, AND crunch numbers like a boss.

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