Show that special someone how much you care.
Just copy and the paste any (or all) of the gif's below into an email, text, tweet, facebook message, etc and send away!

Happy Valentines Day!



Be My Valentine

Signed Sealed Delivered

Oh Baby!

You Make Me Smile

You're Sexy

Jour de Valentine Heureux



Thank You's

Big thanks to Sean Tulgetske for helping me vector these out and Brent French for bringing them to life! I couldn't have created these gif's without the help of these amazing gentlemen.





What exactly is... justlucky?

Justlucky is a small studio in New Orleans, LA where Drew Melton designs commercial lettering, coaches young creatives and designs fonts, flourishes and develops creative resources for designers to reach their fullest potential. He enjoys collaboration and would love to use his skills to make you look good.