Lumber Co.

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  • Upper and Lowercase
  • Four Weights
  • Eastern, Western and Central European Accents
  • Numerals 0-9
  • Currency Symbols
  • Standard Special Characters
  • Special "And" & "The" glyphs
  • Single user commercial license included
  • OTF file 
  • Designed by Drew Melton

Inspired by signage observed from the road during a vacation in Ojai, California. The Lumber Co. family represents the best qualities (and charm) of a western slab serif. It is bold and rugged yet playful as it draws on a rich visual heritage without feeling dated. It makes an excellent choice for bold headlines – both physically and digitally.

No matter how you use it – Lumber Co. will charm even the most modern viewer.

Lumber Co. is a fully featured font family made up of four weights that included upper and lowercase, numerals and a wide spectrum of accented characters (Eastern, Central and Western European).


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