Jason Carne

Ornamental Lettering/Typography/Font Design

Jason Carne is a type designer and lettering artist operating out of his home studio just outside of Lexington, Kentucky with over a decade of experience in both print and logo design with a penchant for the ornate. Some select clients he’s had the pleasure of collaborating with include Walt Disney, Harley-Davidson, Time Inc., Live Nation, Warner Media Group, Buffalo Trace, and Wu-Tang Clan. Jason also owns and operates a display type foundry called Carmel Type Co. in addition to running the designer resource website Lettering Library that digitizes antiquarian publications on lettering and sign-painting.

Jason Carne is available for ornamental lettering, wine label design, spirits labeling and branding, beer labeling and branding, book covers,  editorial headlines, signage, logotypes, typeface design, creative consulting, workshops, and guest blog posts.

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