Thank you for your interest in working together! It's flattering to know that you believe in my work enough to trust me with your brand.

After taking some time to look over your product and review your social media pages and website I have to say, I am impressed. Your interface is clean and friendly. You social media has personality and fits the brand you are building. Basically, you are doing a lot right already!

What I will do for you.

From what I can tell. You already have a strong product and an engaging online presence. The inspiration you sent over clearly fits the tone of the marketing and your product you already have in place. My goal is to come up with a logo design that feels just as friendly and inviting as your software. 

What you can expect.

The first stage of the project will be exploration. This means having another conversation (or two) to make sure that I really understand your brand as well as your goals and your market. From there I will spend a more time exploring your product to develop a better sense of Grammarlys' needs.

Once I feel that I have a clear idea of what you need. I spend a large amount of time exploring design ideas. By having a clear concept of your needs I will be able to select an idea that fits Grammarlys' needs aesthetically and technically. Once I am ready you will receive a small presentation of the concept along with sketches and a description of the vision for the design.

Once the concept is approved I will design the final vector version of your new logo! There will be another presentation and approval. Final payments and files will be exchanged.

How much will this cost?

The total cost to design one logo start to finish will be $9,500 -- This will include research, concept exploration and a final vector design. I ask for 50% of the total project cost up front and 50% upon delivery of final design files.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your time! I can't wait to work together to come up with something you will enjoy for years to come as your company grows!