Hello Jason!
You are receiving this estimate because you care about doing great work – I don't take on a project unless I know we are a great fit and, I have to say, I'm excited about your project! I'm even more excited to get to know you and help you put together a beautiful "Fresh Air" lettering script.

Every project I choose to work on is one of a kind. Each detail carefully considered with years of experience and craft behind each and every curve. 

Over the years I have learned to refine my skills, fine tuning how I work, as well as how I bring my clients into the process. Projects have come and gone, and with each one I have discovered that the very best results come from a single design concept strategy. This constraint guides the process, creating clear vision and focus early on. Clients who receive three or four concept options tend to lack clarity and often times their product suffers because of it. 

My desire is to create the very best piece for your needs; you deserve my total focus and attention because your project is important.


From what I understood in our phone conversation you are looking for 1 lettering treatment in a brush-script style. This script needs to fit seamlessly with the illustration you will put together. The lettering style will be based loosely upon "The Pinflow" script you referenced. My goal will be to design a script that will delight visitors.

I will get started once the initial deposit of $750 is made and I have received a rough layout of the banner layout.

The final design design will be delivered as a high quality vector file upon receipt of the final payment of $750. 


This is the part you've probably skipped to. The price for this lettering treatment is $1,500. This price includes an initial concept sketch, final design & delivery as well as exclusive digital and print usage rights. The project will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the deposit date to final delivery and payment.


I can't wait to tackle this project. It's going to be great.

Please contact me at drew@yourjustlucky.com to get started.