The Weekly: Financial Advice, Wine Labels and NOLA Masks

As we settle into the fall season things have been busier than ever. This week I want to share just a few of the projects our roster has been working on. Everything from wine labels to social media campaigns about finances to NOLA masks and editorial illustrations in The Hollywood Reporter. Take a look.

Carmi Grau + Refinery29 - Money Diaries

Refinery29 commissioned Carmi Grau to work on 3 illustrations for the Money Diaries series.

Wine Label Illustration

Wine label illustration by Jason Carne for Cult Partners.


Sean Tulgetske has a strong background in lettering and design. He’s used his love of the nostalgic to create a series of new illustrations. These illustrations represent a new direction for him as an illustrator.

Mid Century Studies.gif

Pitch Illustrations

Pitch illustrations by Estudio Santa Rita

David Leutert + The Hollywood Reporter

David Leutert was commissioned to do an illustration for the Hollywood Reporter about the rise of female TV auteurs.


David Leutert was commissioned by Bayou Brands to illustrate a New Orleans themed mask for their product line.