Mel Cerri | Snow White Lettering for Disney

Lettering for Disney Villains campaign by Mel Cerri

Lettering for Disney Villains campaign by Mel Cerri

I believe every artist dreams of having Disney as one of their clients, and for me it was no different. Being a fan of their characters for as long as I can remember, it was an incredible opportunity to be able to use my own voice and style to interpret Disney’s most iconic villains.


Right from the start it was clear I’d have complete creative freedom – I even got to suggest what quote I’d like to work on! At the time I was honing in on an aesthetic signature for my work and this was the perfect opportunity to combine a subject that I love and know very well with a style that is natural to me. In the end, I was able to really put my own twist in the piece and working with Disney was an inspiration – it gave me the motivation I needed to keep pursuing my own dreams and making art that is true to myself.

-Mel Cerri

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