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Evgeny Grinko - Lettering Illustration by Jason Carne

Artist Statement - Jason Carne:

Earlier this year, a talented neo-classical musician from Russia by the name of Evgeny Grinko reached out to me to develop some album artwork for an upcoming 5 song EP entitled “Tiny Mouse Tales”. When taking on work with bands or musicians I always give their music a listen before I respond to their inquiries just to know if I’d be a good fit with their sound (and if I like it - I don’t have to of course, but it helps!). I was very impressed with what Evgeny was doing - he has a real knack for mixing traditional classical piano music with ambient soundscapes that give his work a cinematic, atmospheric feeling which I really love. 

Evgeny's request for the artwork was that it resembled a Victorian-era storybook and I felt that direction fit the style of his music perfectly, so I happily accepted the job. He provided me with a bunch of great reference material and photos of old books with beautiful gilded lettering and intricate, ornamental designs. I knew right from the onset that I wanted to create something that looked authentic to the period we were referencing with the old cloth book covers, the relief-ornamentation, the gold-foiled borders and lettering - and luckily Evgeny shared this passion for this elaborate look. The general layout came to me almost immediately, Evgeny signed off on the rough thumbnail, and I started getting down to work on the real thing. I really enjoyed getting lost in the details on this piece and pushing my abilities with composition, illustration, shading, and ornamentation. 

After a few weeks the piece was complete and approved, but it didn’t feel 100% finished to me yet. Initially the plan was just to create a front cover design as it was intended to exist solely as a digital release. However, as I was closing in on finishing the design I kept pushing for Evgeny to turn this into a real, tangible product and release the album on vinyl as well, which I’m glad to say he eventually agreed to. This meant that I got the opportunity to create the back cover of the jacket and the center labels for the vinyl as well, which felt like a nice complete package, and he got to throw in 6 bonus tracks for the B side of the album as well. The vinyl and the jacket are currently in production and should hopefully be ready sometime in early 2019 for purchase.

Evgeny Grinko Process Sketch by Jason Carne

Evgeny Grinko Album Artwork by Jason Carne

Project Credits
Creative Direction/Illustration: Jason Carne
Client: Evgeny Grinko