Jason Carne | Disney Villians Artwork for Disney

Jason shares about the project:

Getting to partner up with Walt-Disney on this piece was an amazing opportunity. Like many other artists, my childhood was filled with Disney movies on VHS that I rewinded and rewatched until the tape wore out. I loved many of their animated films, but the one that stood above the rest for me was always The Lion King, so when I got to letter and animate the phrase “Long Live the King” from Jeremy Irons’ perfect performance of scar, I couldn’t have been happier. The project called for an aesthetic and tone that was darker than expected for Walt-Disney, so this blackletter-turned-neon piece seemed to be the perfect way to give Scars’ leering eyes and scathing words some new life.

Lion King Illustration for Disney Villians

Illustrator: Jason Carne
Art Directors: Frank Svengsouk & David Rager
Creative Director: Bobby Solomon

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