Atlassian Poster Series

With the SF Atlassian office moving into their new HQ at the end of the month, they wanted to decorate their space in an iconic San Francisco way – Fillmore inspired posters. The love for everything Fillmore related came from one of Atlassians first presidents, Jeffrey Walker. This series is somewhat of a nod back to Jeffrey who sadly passed away from cancer but it's also about carrying on the Atlassian legacy. 

Each poster was inspired by various Atlassian employees stories, company events, and oh so much more folklore. This allowed me to create a unique approach to each and every poster while still having them feel related in some way. After many many hours of drawing (working on this project for about 2 months) the series was completed and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Luckily the client loves them too! The series of posters will be wheat pasted on the Atlassian walls and combined with “the-real-deal” original Fillmore posters. Feel free to check out my blog post to see some more behind the scenes process.  

All text and images by Scott Biersack.

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