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  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numbers 
  • Select punctuation marks
  • Special illustrative glyphs
  • OTF file 
  • Designed by Drew Melton
  • Individual commercial license
  • Personal License Coming Soon!

We've has always wanted to design a script that resembled handwriting. The goal is to make it easy to come up with personal, warm, inviting lettering for anyone to use and Ballpoint Script is all about adding a personal touch. Modeled after the idea of what a monoweight script would look like if you drew it out with a BIC ballpoint pen. Ballpoint's smooth curves and charm provide the ideal balance of humanity while being easy to read.

Ballpoint Script is especially well suited for branding and marketing campaigns where personality and friendliness is a requirement. We feel that it works well for anything customer facing to warm the feelings of your customer or user. 

Ballpoint Script Uppercase
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