Adobe Spark Insider Illustrations

Adobe Spark wants to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and social media managers to communicate their ideas with impact. They do this by making it easy to create beautiful content anywhere to share on their social platforms. The Spark team had decided to reward power users by inviting them to be Spark Insiders. An exclusive community made up of the top users from around the world. We were approached to design 3 pieces of design swag for the top 3 tiers of users. The pieces are meant to feel fun and inviting. Like you're being invited to the best party in town and you know it's going to be a blast. Scott Biersack was the designer on this one and he absolutely crushed it. He brought creativity, originality and craft to each design.

Project information
Creative Direction

Drew Melton


Lettering Illustration

Scott Biersack





Spark Insider


Rough Sketch Explorations